Welcome to the TRS-80 Color Computer Archive!

This site is the result of an effort to preserve Color Computer software and documentation. I've been collecting Coco related files since 2002: cartridges, cassettes, virtual disks, ROMs, music, pictures, manuals, books, magazines, Radio Shack catalogs and more. I also scanned several manuals and books to add to my collection, which is now available to the Coco community.

Many thanks to Steve M. for his prodigious Rainbow restoration project and for providing numerous manuals to the archive!




  • 2016/11/03 - Added an AUTOEXEC.BAS file to the Coco SDC Explorer disk to run it automatically at startup with the new SDC-DOS 1.3 [disk]
  • 2016/11/29 - Updated Coco SDC Explorer 0.23 (Guillaume Major) [disk]
  • 2016/11/19 - Added Nuclear Submarine Adventure (Aardvark-80) [disk][cassette]
  • 2016/11/13 - Added Direct File Transfer (Big Systems Software) [disk][cassette]
  • 2016/11/07 - Added Color Forth 2.0 (Armadillo Int'l Software) [disk]
  • 2016/11/01 - Added Coco SDC Explorer 0.21 (Guillaume Major) [disk]
  • 2016/10/21 - Added MC Bouncy Ball, a clone of Lee Patterson's CoCo game [cassette]
  • 2016/10/19 - Added 4 Tandy Electronic Book games:
  • 2016/09/30 - Added CoCo Sleuth3 (Computer Systems Consultants) (OS-9) [disk][pdf]
  • 2016/09/29 - Added Color Computer 2 Schematic (PAL version) [jpg]
  • 2016/09/21 - Updated The Hobbit (V16F9) (Pere Serrat). This version fixes Drivewire issues. [disk]
  • 2016/09/21 - Added Color Max Deluxe 1.03 (New Hi-Res Interface) (Computize) (Coco 3). This version was updated by Erik Gavriluk to use the high resolution software-only joystick routine developed by John Kowalski and Nick Marentes. [disk][GitHub]
  • 2016/09/14 - Updated The Hobbit (V16F8) (Pere Serrat) [disk]
  • 2016/09/08 - Added the 60hz version of Space Marauder (Tandy) [disk][cassette]
  • 2016/09/08 - Updated all cassette files with the WAV version [link]
  • 2016/09/01 - Fixed Wet T-Shirt Contest crash (Softcore Software Company) [disk][cassette]
  • 2016/08/30 - Updated the Musica Songs Collection [disk]
  • 2016/08/29 - Added Maths Invaders (Tandy Australia) [disk][cassette] --- Interview with the author: [pdf]
  • 2016/08/29 - Added The Hobbit (V16F4), an original Spectrum48 game ported to the Coco by Pere Serrat [disk]
  • 2016/08/28 - Added TRS-80 Videotex Terminal Telephone Cable Wiring schematics (Rogelio Perea) [pdf]
  • 2016/08/28 - Added Interplanetary Trash Collector (The Rainbow) (Coco 3) [disk][cassette]
  • 2016/08/24 - Updated Solar Explorer electronic book with the Tandy Electronic Book cover [pdf]
  • 2016/08/24 - Added WinCMOC v0.3 by Derek John Evans, a Windows port of CMOC by Pierre Sarrazin [installer] Web page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cmoc-win32
  • 2016/08/22 - Added 4 Tandy Electronic Book games:

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