Welcome to the TRS-80 Color Computer Archive!

This site is the result of an effort in trying to preserve Color Computer software and documentation. I've been collecting Coco related files since 2002: cartridges, cassettes, virtual disks, ROMs, music, pictures, manuals, books, magazines, Radio Shack catalogs and more. I also scanned several manuals and books to add to my collection, which is now available to the Coco community.




  • 2014/04/12 - Added TRS-80 Color Computer book (dilithium Press) [pdf]
  • 2014/04/09 - Added Card Games (Tandy) (Cat. no. 26-3320):
  • 2014/03/21 - Added Color Computer Deluxe Joystick manual. English [pdf] French [pdf]
  • 2014/03/20 - Fixed Gold Rush! introduction (Sierra On-Line) [disk]
  • 2014/03/17 - Added Tape To Disk Copy (Tom Mix Software) [disk] [cassette]
  • 2014/02/24 - Added the cassette version of Color Math (Tandy) [cassette]
  • 2014/02/21 - Added Dragon Fire manual (Tandy) [pdf]
  • 2014/02/17 - Added the following educational game manuals:
    • Alphabet Zoo (Spinnaker) [pdf]
    • Facemaker (Spinnaker) [pdf]
  • 2014/01/29 - Zipped and renamed all cassette software to include the publisher name
  • 2014/01/29 - Added Tanjali (The Software Guild) [disk] [cassette]
  • 2014/01/22 - Renamed all disk software to include the publisher name in the following folders: Applications, Educational, Music, Operating Systems, Programming and Utilities
  • 2014/01/15 - Added the total number of folders and files in the footer of the directory listing
  • 2014/01/11 - Updated the site with the following:
    • Moved all games from the "Coco Games Disks" folder to individual zipped disks in the [Games] folder
    • Added the publisher name (or author name when not available) in the name of all games
    • Added a folder for Infocom adventure games [link]
    • Added a folder for Scott Adams adventure games [link]
    • Added a folder for games patched for the Coco 3 [link]
    • Added a folder for non-English games and translations [link]
  • 2014/01/07 - Updated Color Computer RS-232 Interface by Tom Gunison [pdf]
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